About me
Billy Cousins (Security Enthusiast)

Hello World!
My name is Billy and I have always had a love for technology and computers, but I was never to sure if I wanted to dedicate my career to the field. This changed drastically in my early teens when I realised how wide the field actually is the reason for my change was my introduction to other systems as I previously had only really been exposed to Window machines. When I met other OSs such as Linux I originally  was so fascinated  but then met a major brick wall of not knowing anything and since that day I realised there is always technologies that I will not have used before. My passion for learning is driven by the whole tech landscape as there is so much that I can explore and learn.

Why Cyber Security ?

It’s Fun, Rewarding Work

In cyber security, you will never feel like you’re doing archaic, unnecessary work. The world of cybercrime and cyber security is constantly evolving. Staying ahead of criminals is a significant part of the job. You can feel good about your work knowing that you’re helping protect peoples’ livelihoods and privacy. You might also find great satisfaction in a job that requires you to be on your toes and that keeps your mind engaged. This is an important, exciting field. If the thought of protecting the internet from criminals intrigues you, then cyber security might just be the job for you.